Giving Back

IN BED are a business for those who care about people, the planet, and their impact on both. Our team work closely and on an ongoing basis with a number of charitable organisations that advocate for women and First Nations people. It’s our belief that businesses do not operate in a bubble and that we have a responsibility to nurture the communities around us. It’s our hope that we’ll contribute to a world where everyone has a good & safe nights sleep.

Women's Community Shelters Partnership

IN BED has a longstanding partnership with Women’s Community Shelters (WSC) in Australia to support vulnerable women and children in need. WCS does important work with local communities to establish new shelters for women and children escaping domestic violence, family violence, and homelessness across New South Wales. 

We firmly believe that the best charitable relationships are long-term and multifaceted; Our work with WSC is underpinned by regular monetary donations, collaboration projects and supported by a range of other opportunities to work together throughout the year including the donation of IN BED sheet sets to be used during stays and gifted to residents as they begin to start their lives anew. Our hope is that these contributions will help to make the women and children WSC support feel a little more comfortable and cared for during a difficult time. 

Further Contributions

In addition to our work with WCS, we actively encourage our small team to get involved with charitable causes close to their hearts by offering paid time off to volunteer. As a business we also give regularly to a handful of causes, in the past 24-months these included:

The Pay the Rent Initiative
Healing Our Way
Indigenous Literacy Foundation
Common Ground Australia