Circularity involves designing products that last and that can be reused, repaired or remanufactured over time. We are continually improving our practices to ensure the longest life possible for our products, prioritising waste reduction, minimising our environmental footprint and more generally, supporting the transition towards a circular economy.

Considered production

We work closely with our suppliers to carefully forecast our needs and make only enough product to meet these needs. All of our products are designed to be timeless in the hope that the user will love our pieces for years to come and not tire of, or disregard. 

Any small quantity of disused or faulty stock is kept for our annual warehouse sale or donated to our charity partners. For rare cases where items are not suitable for sale or have been well-loved over time and returned through our Back IN BED program, we partner with Textile Recyclers Australia to recycle these pieces into new yarn.

Quality is paramount in the production of IN BED pieces, and each item we produce is created with longevity in mind. Our confidence in them is such that we offer a 2-year guarantee. This guarantee ensures that any item failing to meet our stringent production standards within this timeframe will be repaired or replaced. Review our full T&C’s for this policy.

Reuse of IN BED linen bags

Our IN BED linen bags are produced using dead stock and are a reusable alternative to single use plastic. We encourage you to reuse these at home - either storing your products when not in use to protect them, or in other uses such as produce bags. However, if you do not have any need for your linen bags and would like to return them for reuse by IN BED you are more than welcome to return them to us in store, either by post or in person, at:

72b Oxford st, Paddington
NSW 2021