Postcards from the West Coast

Image by Hannah Mills

On occasion, the IN BED Journal are transported to California, sharing the lives of those lucky enough to call the West Coast of America home. We reflect on some of our favourite locals from Downtown to Eagle Rock - hoping to take a slice of the relaxed Cali lifestyle home with us.

Jessica Hannah, West Los Angeles 

Founder of the eponymous fine jewellery line, J.Hannah, Jess Hannah resides in a warm, light-filled Spanish-style home in West Los Angeles. A self-confessed ‘chromophobic’, Jess’s home possesses a calming neutral palette, interspersed with incredible vintage finds from Craigslist, which she ‘checks before reading the news’ in the morning.

I’m guilty of being chromophobic, so my palette reflects that. I have been really digging an all-beige look as well.

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Abrielle Stedman, Downtown Los Angeles

Dating back to 1953, model and creative director, Abrielle Stedman’s home captures a moment in time - with warm custom woodwork and original appliances, even an old grape vine left behind by the former tenants. In Abrielle’s words, Eagle Rock has an easy ‘old LA charm’, with an abundance of family owned shops and historical buildings. 

Having the opportunity to live in this beautiful home inspires my work as a creative director and model. The house has been a great space for photography.

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Jodi Balfour, Silver Lake

Going even further back in LA’s history is actor Jodi Balfour’s home - a circa 1920’s cottage in the Silver Lake hills. The home is designed in a circle-shape, free-flowing and blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors - embodying a lifestyle her & partner Alex love, as well as  making the most of California’s temperate climate.

I love the way the sun sets in the neighbourhood here, bathing the hills and the San Gabriel mountains in golden-peach light, cutting through a little gap in the geography to get right in your eye while driving... it makes me feel so stupidly happy.

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Neada Deters, Echo Park

Nestled in the tree-tops of Echo Park is LESSE organic skincare founder, Neada Deters. Perfectly at home in her minimal, mid-century home, Neada tells us the previous owners were art collectors who created a ‘gallery space designed for living’ - and we believe her: epic floor to ceiling windows look out onto impressive natural views, while inside the mid-century ‘bones’ of the property encase her impressive collection of vintage furniture.

I’m naturally a minimalist but, where I do fill space, I usually gravitate towards vintage furniture and objects either created by friends or collected on travels.

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Emliy Eisen, Mount Washington

One look at Emily Eisen’s view of rolling green hills and you’d never believe you were in a bustling city like Los Angeles, the only giveaway: a cluster of palm trees in the distance. The multi-talented creative producer works in a - as she puts it - ‘hybrid space of food, fashion & lifestyle’ and is fortunate to find a place of stillness to begin each morning. 

I love waking up and seeing the mountains and going for long walks around the neighborhood.

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