Ana Cerrato’s Beautiful Family Home in Madrid

Images by Ana Laframboise

This week on the IN BED Journal we meet Ana Cerrato, the founder of Cayumas, an artisanal shoe brand based in Madrid. We were lucky to spend a morning with Ana and her daughter Uma to learn more about the inspiration behind her venture. With a love for family, art, and craftsmanship, Ana has built a brand that not only embodies exceptional quality but also represents a unique lifestyle. We spoke to Ana about Cayumas humble beginnings at home, her journey into motherhood and staying true to Cayumas artisanal vision. 

"I've been living in Madrid for the past three and a half years with three of our five children, while the two older ones are studying in the UK. What I love about living here is the unique combination of having a semi-detached house with three floors, plenty of space, and a small garden, all in the heart of a bustling city like Madrid."

"Without a doubt, the bedroom is my favorite room in the house. It's a space where we strive for utmost comfort since we spend a significant amount of time there. For me, the bedroom serves multiple purposes – it's a place to sleep, work at my vintage desk, gather and have conversations on the sofa. And of course, one of my daily indulgences is taking a relaxing bath in the ancient tub that sits in front of the bed."

For me, the bedroom serves multiple purposes – it's a place to sleep, work at my vintage desk, gather and have conversations on the sofa.

Ana's spectacular outdoor space is draped in IN BED table linen.

"Art has always been an important part of my life, especially for my husband, who has been a well-known art photographer. While we never actively pursued becoming collectors, our travels around the world often led us to acquire local objects that caught our attention. From a nineteenth-century Japanese Shogun sword to a colossal fossil ammonite from the Cretaceous era in Morocco or pottery from the ancient Maya in Guatemala. Regarding art, we have some remarkable photographic works and pieces primarily created by Spanish contemporary painters. One particularly special piece is a drawing by Dutch artist Kees van Dongen, titled "L'espagnole."

Fresh produce is housed in a IN BED Market Bag.

"Being a mother has always been a calling for me, starting from my teenage years when I realised my love for children and pursued studies in special education. Although life took me on a different path, motherhood has remained a constant presence. When I met Borja, my husband, who already had three children, it was clear that our connection was strong, and we both embraced the idea of expanding our family."

"Today, family is everything to me, and it's not just a personal aspect; it also extends into the business. Cayumas derives its name from the combination of two of our children's names—CAYetano and UMA—representing Borja's third child and our youngest together. In a way, everyone plays a role in the company. I make sure to spend as much time as possible with my children, and most evenings after school, my role in the business ends so I can help them with homework and baths, which I love. Once they go to bed, I return to my desk to close the day with Cayumas."

"Venetian slippers had been a part of my wardrobe for a long time. In late 2019, I decided to fulfil my dream of opening a shop featuring various artisanal clothing and objects from around the world. I started my journey in the northern region of Venice, where these shoes originate. However, when I arrived there in February 2020, Italy declared its first COVID lockdown. Luckily, I managed to return to Madrid just in time. During the four-month lockdown, I had ample time to reflect on my aspirations. I decided to wait until Italian factories reopened and venture into launching my own brand online."

"Initially, we operated from home, with our spare room transformed into a warehouse and office. It began with a modest number of shoes, unsure if this would be a temporary endeavour or something more substantial. However, as influential figures in the fashion world started purchasing Cayumas and sharing their experiences, and as shops placed their initial orders the demand grew and I decided it was time to move. In November we opened our first shop and office in Madrid."

"Making my dream a reality and establishing Cayumas as a symbol of quality in the shoe industry is something I take immense pride in. Cayumas is defined by its artisanal workmanship, we've received numerous offers to produce in countries like China or even with mass production factories in Spain, which would reduce costs. However, our goal has always been to prioritise artisanal quality and slow production. Each pair of Cayumas takes more than an hour to create, with no gluing involved—only meticulous sewing. Naturally, this translates to lower profit margins, but it aligns with our vision."

Our goal has always been to prioritise artisanal quality and slow production.

Ana's bed is dressed in 100% Linen Duvet Set & Sheet Set in White.

"Looking ahead to the rest of the year, we're excited about the upcoming opening of our second store in Madrid, this time at the International Airport. We believe this location will offer great visibility to tourists departing from Madrid. It's astonishing to witness the number of people who visit our shop with their luggage in hand, on their way to the airport. AS always, our focus also remains on continued growth and ensuring that every Cayumas purchase brings happiness to our customers."



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