Unsure which fabric best suits your bedding needs? Here’s some information to help you decide…

Stone washed linen

IN BED linen is stone-washed to create a relaxed look along with a super soft feel.

It is more textured that cotton and is perfect for those that love the look and feel of natural, organic fabrics. It’s also thermo regulated meaning it’s light and highly breathable in Summer whilst also able to keep you cozy and warm in Winter.

It becomes naturally softer with each use and also has antibacterial properties.

The cultivation of Flax is one of the most ecological within the textile industry. It requires less fertilisers, pesticides and water than most other fabrics.

Washed cotton

Our Washed cotton in 200 thread count (TC) is perfect for those who love the relaxed look of linen but prefer the crisp, cool feel of cotton.

It is smooth, breathable, light and ideal for warmer seasons and balmy climates and is also highly absorbent. It’s put through a garment softening wash to give it that crinkled, lived in look.

400Thread Count Percale cotton

Our percale cotton is ideal for those that love the look and feel of high end, boutique hotel bedding. Unlike our linen or washed cotton, it is a more tailored, classic look that is beautiful when perfectly pressed (or just slept in, if you prefer.)

It is closely woven to be smooth, light, breathable and, like our washed cotton, is perfect for warm seasons and climates. Our 400TC cotton comes in two colours – perfect, bright optic white and a dark charcoal grey, both timeless, classic colours for the cotton bedding purist.