Five Incredible Homes in Victoria

Images by Tasha Tylee

Since opening our Armadale flagship store we’ve been lucky to spend more time in Melbourne. As we continue to get to know the lay of the land, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting many local creatives and from time to time see inside their homes via the IN BED Journal. This week we’re looking back at five unique spaces that we’ve featured recently, each with its own special character and story.

1. A Designer’s Hilltop Home in Mansfield

Perched on the top of a hill overlooking lush countryside is Mansfield House; an off-grid haven designed and inhabited by the talented Robbie Walker and his young family. Our photographer Tasha Tylee spent a morning admiring the view with Robbie and his daughter Indi and captured the space as clouds rolled in over the hills. We chatted to Robbie about the design of this ambitious project as well as some of his favourite pieces in the home.

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2. An Art-Filled Sanctuary in Rural Victoria

We met Pip Aplin at the beautiful home she shares with her partner Nic and two charismatic Bengal cats; Ernest Hemingway and Margot Tenenbaum. Hidden away in rural Victoria the home has become a sanctuary and a source of great pride for the creative couple. We chatted to Pip about her love of unique pieces of design, hunting for an artwork that would become the soul of the home and spending quiet weekends amongst the trees.

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3. A Designer’s Studio Set Amongst Native Bushland

We visit the studio of Tilly Barber, the founder of bespoke furniture brand Monde and vintage reseller Homebody. Tilly’s space is one big beautiful room broken up into smaller zones using clever design and strategically placed furniture, art & objects. We spoke to Tilly about bringing the studio to life, building two businesses and restoring one very special coffee table.

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4. A Remarkable Mid-Century Home in Eltham

This beautiful space is home to two creative beings that we’ve been following for quite some time; birthkeeper & mentor Sunni Hart and her partner Pete Baxter, cofounder of the much loved Hope St Radio. The couple live in a character-filled Alistair Knox designed home in Melbourne’s North East, it’s an ever-changing adventure for their two kids Fox (8) and Dizzy (3) and a refuge from city life often shared with friends and loved ones. We spoke to Sunni about her experience working with families, the couple’s very personal collection of art and Pete chimed in to talk about bringing Hope St Radio to life.

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5. A Creative Share House in Collingwood

For our first feature of 2022 we visited the enchanting home of housemates Camille Laddawan Moir and Zachary Frankel. The century old house has a soft, lived in feel and is imbued with creative energy both from its occupants and the extensive collection of artworks and objects that have come to fill the space.

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