The Call of Mexico City

It’s no secret that the IN BED Journal is drawn to Mexico. We feel a deep connection to this unique place; for its architecture, food, culture, and inherently creative people. Collecting some of our favourite stories from the neighbourhoods of Mexico City we are reminded why this place calls to us, time and time again.

Diego wears IN BED 100% Linen Sleepwear in Kohl. His bed is layered with 100% Linen Bedding in Dove Grey.

Diego Padilla Magallanes

Photographer Diego calls Cuahutémoc home; a tranquil place that holds the title of the ‘heart of the city’, and according to Diego - Mexico's best croissants.  When he’s not working shooting portraiture, travel & interiors, Diego retreats to this charming 1950’s apartment block where he has taken great care to create a peaceful space, while reflecting his creative pursuits and the memories made along the way.

There are many pieces of art and objects that are special to me in the apartment, in particular, the paintings by my friend Diego Beauroyre, he is a great Mexican artist and his art is very special to me.

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Juan (and his Shiba Inu, Napoleón) rest among IN BED 100% Linen Duvet Set in Stone & Sheet Set in Grey & White Stripe.

Juan Hernandez

Another photographer drawn to Mexico City is Juan Hernandez. His apartment (used as a live/work space) is wrapped with grand windows that illuminate a pattern of wooden tiles to spectacular effect. Outside his front door Juan has access to many of this city's beloved restaurants & cafes, and the Cuahutémoc market - which he visits most weekends. 

I like to walk around, go to Dosis café, eat lunch at Casa Virginia and have dinner at my favourite little Japanese restaurant. On Saturdays, I like to visit current exhibitions around town and on Sundays, I usually get my groceries at the Cuahutémoc market.

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Luis & David's table is draped with an IN BED 100% Linen Table Cloth

Luis Garvan & David Ericsson

It’s a special opportunity to live in a space created for artists to live and work - and designed by architects Luis Barragan and Max Cetto, no less. For creative couple Luis Garvan (photographer) and David Ericsson (architect) this is their reality, living within the same walls as many remarkable figures in Mexico’s art & design history. A combination of talents mean their home is deeply considered, from the way it looks to its daily function, resulting in a space that is a pleasure to spend time in.

Our home is the first thing that we worked together on, where our two aesthetics and taste live together.

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Ana Hop

Surrounded by a lush garden is the home of Ana Hop and her partner, Sebastian. Their space is intricately layered, with a quality that only comes with time - Sebastian has lived there for more than 15 years. A wall to wall bookshelf carries a motley collection of tomes and other corners of the house showcase collections from sea shells to vinyl records.

We have carefully picked every object in the house. Each with its own story. From beautiful natural objects to furniture to artwork. Some we made ourselves, others are from friends and family and the rest have been acquired with care and patience.

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Maria & Joaquin's bed is dressed in a IN BED 100% Linen Duvet Cover in Dove Grey.

Maria Pacheco & Joaquin Martinez

For couple Maria & Joaquin, who have their toes in many creative pursuits (including their own businesses), living in a city rich with inspiration is paramount. Their home itself is a blank canvas, clean white walls and wooden fixtures make for the perfect setting for new ideas to bloom.

Our home is not only somewhere that we live but also a positive force for our personal growth and for our relationship. It's a space where we can get to create, relax and also have time for ourselves.

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