Ryan & Ed, Bronte, NSW

Images by Andrew Butler

The sound of the sea is strong at the beachside home of Ed West and Ryan Cullen, a colourful haven the couple have taken great pride in creating together. Both with creative backgrounds, Ed is the director of much loved Potts Point floral studio Poho and Ryan has a background in styling, photography and creative direction. The two have also recently started, Edan Flowers, a floral delivery service with a vibrant and youth offering of colourful blooms. We dropped by on a sunny Sunday morning to speak about life by the sea, the couple’s beautiful collection of art and what they’re looking forward to for 2021.

“Our current place is a rental, this isn’t our forever home but one we have come to love for its abundant natural light and its proximity to Bronte beach, the lovely big kitchen and entertaining space mean there’s plenty of space for friends and family too.”

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“We both enjoy how minimal and uncluttered our bedroom is. Opening onto an oversized balcony we wake to the rising sun every day. We view It as a simple space to create a sense of calm and a place to retire to each evening.”

Ryan: “Both Ed and I share an appreciation for art and beautiful objects. My favourite pieces in our home would have to be be our Carol Crawford, sculpted in alabaster and a Heath Wae water colour that I had the pleasure of gifting Ed for Christmas. Ed’s most coveted pieces would be the Emily Kame’kngwarreye as well as the candle stick holders made by artist, florist and friend Tanika Jellis.”

“One thing we really do value living in Bronte is the sense of community which is rare to find in the city we live in. We were initially drawn to the area because of the beach and we finish most days with a swim in the Bogey Hole. The short walk to Iggy’s bakery also doesn’t hurt.”

Ed: ”I fell into floristry by accident, seven years later I couldn’t be happier. It’s allowed me to explore my creative side whilst working with an amazing team of people and having the privilege to spend time in nature and with the people who grow the amazing things we work with everyday, some of whom i’m lucky to call very close friends. More recently Edan flowers has presented an opportunity for Ryan and I to work more closely on a passion project, one that truly celebrates flowers in all their glory, we have so much more we want to do here.”

RC: “My journey to where I am now started by interning at Oyster magazine in the fashion department under Chloe Hill (who I have an immense feeling of gratitude toward), among other wonderfully creative people who later became dear friends. From there it has evolved in so many ways from styling, videography and photography to where I am now which is more in the creative direction space.”

EW: “The most special memories are the times we have created floral moments for our friends and loved ones. I have had the honour of two of my closest friends' weddings. A very close mutual friend is getting married next month and we can't wait to bring that to life for her.”

RC: Outside of work we find great joy in being outdoors and in nature. Ed’s role is so demanding physically and mentally, so time in nature away from technology and the demands of daily life is a welcome change.

Ryan & Ed have an optimistic outlook for the rest of 2021 and look forward to adding more adventures to their ever growing list.

“Through Poho we support the Australian Wildlife Conservancy and we were lucky enough to be invited to their Piccaninny Plains sanctuary situated in the Cape York Peninsula. Having never explored this beautiful and unique corner of Australia, we can’t wait to share in what will be an unforgettable experience and opportunity to see first hand the incredible work of Australia’s leading conservation and land management organisation.”

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