Recipes for Summer Entertaining

The long days of summer bring with them many opportunities to gather together with loved ones over good food and drink. We're dreaming of long-lunches and fragrant dinners and looking back at a few of our most festive recipes and food moments from the IN BED Journal.

1. An Aïoli Kind of Summer

This really is the most perfect Australian summer, Australian Christmas, Australian holiday dish. A perfect way to dress up or use up prawns, and a perfect reprieve – from cooking and from ham. Serve it on those long and slow days between Christmas and New Years. Maybe making the aïoli before you go to the beach ready to come back to, sandy and slightly sun-drunk. Plonk the chilled aïoli down on the table with a crisp, cold bottle of something white and textural, and spend the afternoon with no concept of time as you run your foraged goods from the ground and the sea through this lush, velvety, garlicky sauce.

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2. Three Dishes With Poppy Powell & Federico Patino of Cafe Trucha

We met Poppy Powell and Federico Patino the co-founders of newly opened Cafe Trucha. Located in Colonia Roma, Mexico City the cafe is the duo's second venue and was created with the vision of showcasing the best local produce in a warm and welcoming environment. We spoke with Poppy and Federico about bringing the space and menu to life and asked the couple to share a selection of recipes for a feel-good meal that’s meaningful to them in many ways.

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3. Figs and Curd With Olive Oil and Honey

Summer produce is a thing of beauty. Figs are ripening, peaches are juicier, tomatoes are richer. This isn’t so much a recipe but a reminder that bringing together beautiful produce that’s been grown and made with care on a plate is pure joy.

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4. Summer Treats with Buffalo Mozzarella and Basil Oil

The flavours of summer; tomato, strawberry, cherry and basil. Tis the season, let’s eat the goods that are in season. Vibrant, light and bright, it’s food that feels good, it’s produce that sparks the joy, and it’s the kind of food we want to eat all summer long.

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