Read IN BED: The Breakfast Bible

Words & Images by Hannah-Rose Yee

On breakfast in bed: “Enjoy the moment. Eat with gusto. Pretend you are in a hotel. Remember the adage ‘dance as if no-one’s watching’? Breakfast in bed as if someone else will change the sheets, even it if will actually be you.” – Seb Emina, The Breakfast Bible

If a day starts with breakfast in bed you know it’s going to be good. If it ends with breakfast in bed you know it was great. The two are partners in crime in a messy, naughty, misbehaved way that makes me smile. And this book is the bible. A combination of recipes, essays, commentary and history, it charts everything you could possibly want to know about breakfast (whether you should prick the sausages – that’s a real question people – why muesli is called muesli, how to make the perfect omelette). It’s cheeky and silly and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s a book about breakfast, how could it?