Pamela Ocampo’s Cozy Apartment in Mexico City

Images by Ana Laframboise

This week on the Journal we’re back in Mexico City, this time visiting the apartment of Pamela Ocampo, a talented editor and stylist who now works in communications for Tiffany. We spoke to Pamela about making her apartment a home, leading a balanced lifestyle, and looked back on some of the most memorable moments from her career so far.

Pamela wears an IN BED 100% Linen Long Sleeve Sleepwear Set in Dove Grey.

“I’ve been here for the last three years. I bought this apartment and started to work on it slowly to make my new home. It is located on the ground floor of my building, which is sometimes hard for getting sunlight but my plants receive the right amount everyday at noon. Although it is a small apartment that is perfect for one, what I love most about it is how calm, quiet and peaceful my bedroom is.”

“I really enjoy collecting books; architecture, design, art, photography, poetry, fashion, textiles and history are the most common topics found on my shelves. I also love my floor Lampe Gras 215L, it’s perfect for reading and was a very special gift from my father.”

Pamela’s bed is dressed with IN BED 100% Linen in White.

“My bedroom is a very small but cozy space. My friends say it has a kind of Japanese feel with white walls and neutral curtains while a walnut wall divides my closet from the bed. I have a small photograph from Graciela Iturbide, titled Sogno, which means dreams in Italian; and a George Nelson Bubble Lamp in my room that creates the perfect ambience at night. There is a small terrace which I am still deciding on how to use; sometimes I just want to fill it up with a lot of plants, and other times, I want to keep it very simple with just my bowl made from black mud that a friend gave to me. Still deciding!”

“I enjoy spending time here at night because I love the ritual of getting into bed after a long day. Closing the curtains, turning on my lamp, lighting a candle or a small Japanese incense, spraying my sheets with a pink pepper and lavender mist and drinking my hot tea or reading a book.”

“I started working at Tiffany two and a half years ago as Communications Manager, during the pandemic. The first year it was quite surreal working from home 24/7 but as time has passed, it has been really interesting to be part of the company since the LVMH group acquired it. The brand has shifted in a very new direction and I love being part of this.”

“I wake up at 6:30 am everyday. I enjoy running to Parquer Chapultepec or attending Kentro, one of my favorite classes that combines yoga, cardio and strength in a very intensive way! I find it’s a great way of destressing. I prepare myself hot water with lemon, take all my morning vitamins and grab my coffee which I prepare on a french press (another favorite object) and get ready to go to the office.

The brand has shifted in a very new direction and I love being part of this.

“The day usually starts with meetings, emails (a lot) and touch base calls with the PR team to work on brand strategy. Sometimes I visit the stores and meet with clients but most of my responsibilities are to work with press, brand projects and Friends of the House. Other times, I get to travel in Mexico to visit the stores or to attend global brand events.”

“Also, on Monday nights, I teach Industrial Design students at Tec de Monterrey, a class that is called Materiales para la Industria de Lujo, where I share an overview of the fashion and luxury industry in Mexico.”

As a stylist, I did one of the most important covers of my career with the Mexican actress, Yalitza Aparicio for Vogue Mexico.

“For the past 15 years I’ve worked on different fashion magazines. I used to be Fashion Editor for ELLE Mexico for 6 years where I produced all the fashion content. Then I moved to Harper’s Bazaar as Fashion Director and started working with different celebrities as a stylist including Natalia Lafourcade. After that I launched L’Officiel Mexico, a french publication, where I was Editor-in-Chief for five years and worked with an amazing team! Later on I started consulting with different luxury brands including Salvatore Ferragamo, Louis Vuitton, Max Mara and Dior. As a stylist, I did one of the most important covers of my career with the Mexican actress, Yalitza Aparicio for Vogue Mexico. When I accepted that job, I didn’t know the success the cover would receive across social media… It was a nice surprise!”

“I love art, architecture, photography, music, food and nature. So I try to attend most of the exhibitions or openings I get invited to during the week. I love discovering new restaurants and visiting my favourites with my friends. I go hiking very frequently and every weekend I attend Sala Nezahualcoyotl, to listen to the philharmonic orchestra.”


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