Bringing the outdoors in

Above: Ficus Elastica “Burgundy” or Rubber Tree

Indoor plants have the ability to transform a home. They can soften the harshest of rooms & add character to spaces you’re otherwise unable to change (#rentallyf).

To get the inside word on the whys, whats and wheres of indoor plants we asked doyen of greenery, Sonia Killmore (AKA The Plantarum), for her thoughts on bringing a little nature into the bedroom.

“I believe the best plants for the bedroom are leafy plants – small or large. They bring a softness to the space and give a feeling of wanting to unwind, relax and dream. Save Cactus or anything spikey & more sculptural for outside the bedroom.

Above: Philodendron Congo

There are so many benefits to having plants in your bedroom; they give life to a room and bring the outdoors in, I’m sure if it were practical most of us would sleep under the stars, amongst nature – it’s a beautiful feeling. They also purify the air and many absorb toxins – there’s a list Nasa researched that reveals the top plants for air purifying which includes the Snake Plant (Mother-in-laws tongue), Rubber plant, Spider plant, Philodendrons and golden pothos.

Above: snake plant or mother-in-laws tongue (left), Spathiphyllum Sensation or Modonna Lily (right)

“As far as plant care goes, it really depends on the plant and its location. It’s very difficult to give blanket care instructions – which I know would make things a lot easier for people! Plants need love the most, it’s important to just watch them; they are usually telling you what they need if you listen.

If I had to give a general rule for the indoor plants I like to use – which are mostly quite hardy – I would say place them in a bright location with lots of light & indirect sunlight, plenty of natural air flow, give them a good soak in the shower once a week along with a trip outside whenever possible (at least once every 2-3 weeks.)” – Sonia Killmore, The Plantarum

Above: Hoya Fraterna

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