Be Merry IN BED: Christmas Gift Ideas for the Home

This Christmas, more than ever, we feel grateful for the loved ones in our life. The family members that made the past year a little lighter and the friends that became like family too. That’s why the idea of coming together at home, in the backyard, or perhaps around a screen, carries a little extra meaning for us this year.

With this in mind we’ve put together a collection of curated gift guides for the home, full of unique gift ideas inspired by some of our favourite people that we’ve met on the IN BED Journal - the entertainers, the self-care aficionados, the dreamers and designers.

An easy homemade recipe perfect for christmas by Scott Williams of Bacco Osteria e Espresso.

Seasoned entertainer Scott Williams from Bacco Osteria e Espresso adds pecorino to his mouth-watering gnocchi wearing an IN BED 100% cotton apron in navy.

The Entertainer

Quite literally the host with the most. The Entertainer delights in breaking bread with loved ones and believes in the importance of celebrating special moments – most often with food & drink. A mile-a-minute authority on table setting and menu-making, you’ll most likely find The Entertainer at their local markets talking enthusiastically about this week's fresh produce.

We became incredibly passionate about food and how it makes you feel and really wanted to share that with our community. – Caitlin Sullivan and Kacie Carter
An easy recipe for Christmas by Caitlin Sullivan and Kacie Carter.

Left: Caitlin Sullivan and Kacie Carter prepare an Ode-To-Summer salad wearing IN BED 100% linen aprons in navy and stone. Right: A selection of napkins and placemats from our kitchen collection.

Natalia Parsonson & Luca Kiripun at home in Potts Point for the IN BED Journal

Dreamy creative couple Natalia & Luca photographed at home during lockdown wearing 100% linen pieces from the IN BED sleepwear collection, with bedding in all-white-everything.

The Dreamer

Our Dreamers are gentle and creative souls who love to spend time IN BED. Reading, talking,  listening to music, and drinking tea. The palette in their space often reflects their inner state of mind - calm, earthy and light. You might see Dreamers wandering wistfully through a gallery or bookshop but more than likely you’ll find them indulging in the sanctuary they’ve created at home.  

We both enjoy making pictures, painting, drawing, cooking, watching old movies, flicking through art and photography books. – Natalia & Luca
100% linen sleepwear by IN BED makes for a unique gift idea this Christmas.
100% linen sleepwear by IN BED makes for a unique gift idea this Christmas.

Left: Artist & designer Rachel Rutt wears an IN BED 100% linen shirt and pant in grey & white stripe on the rocks near her home in Tamarama. Right: DJ and digital artist Mikka Byarugaba wears an IN BED shirt and pant in kohl, paired perfectly back with the dove grey linen on his bed.

We met Orchard Street founder Kirsten Shanks and her family a few years ago. As a naturopath, herbalist and nutritionist Kirsten is an authority on all-things wellness. 

The Self-Carer 

On a quest for balance in every part of their world; The Self-Carer loves nothing more than a long bath and a glass of natural wine. With an endless ability to transform routine into ritual, The Self-Carer is always on the lookout for a way to indulge a little more in everyday life. You’ll find them burning incense, re-organising their bathroom cabinet or meditating on the perfect gift for their loved ones.

I personally define wellness by asking myself a simple question: “will this bring me joy?” – Naj Austin

Left: Naj Austin, founder of Ethel’s Club, a social space and digital platform that centres and celebrates people of colour and includes a program dedicated to wellness. Naj wears an IN BED 100% cotton shirt and short in grey & white stripe. Right: IN BED Egyptian cotton bath towels and a selection of self-care items.

Interior designer and co-founder of We Are Triibe, Christina Symes pictured at home in Melbourne.

The Designer 

By trade or simply by heart, The Designer has an eye for detail and a natural ability to bring spaces to life in unexpected ways. A truly tactile personality, The Designer thinks a lot about the way things feel (soft, textural, “so great against the skin”) or the way they make you feel (alive!, inspired!, energised!). Always looking for opportunities to revitalise their space or add a finishing touch, you’ll find The Designer deliberating over colour swatches or eyeing-off the ‘perfect’ new lamp. 

It’s so important for wherever I live to feel like it’s a home I genuinely love hanging out in. – Christina Symes

Left: Designer David Caon sketches at the beautifully curated home he shares with his partner Jeramie. Right: Our peach & olive bedding and Anglepoise + Margaret Howell lamp.