Back IN BED: Project #1

Images by Sean Fennessy
Styling by Jess Lillico

For our first Back IN BED project we have partnered with our friend Sherrin Koch at Heirloom Quality Supplies who have designed and hand-crafted a selection of quilts using reclaimed linen collected as part of our Back IN BED program.

Utilising a mix of samples, offcuts & reclaimed linen that remained as-new or very lightly used & easily refreshed, Sherrin has designed and hand made six incredible quilts that are - as the name suggests - heirloom pieces.

The quilts are made by Sherrin in South Australia and are filled with a recycled wool inner so the entire quilt is constructed using high quality, reclaimed or pre-loved textiles.

At the heart of our Back IN BED program is the idea of taking items no longer in use, no longer loved, and finding a new purpose and life for them rather than seeing them end up in landfill. We can't think of a more beautiful purpose than creating quilts that we hope will span generations and be loved by those who choose them.

The quilts are currently on display in our Armadale store & available to order on our website.

Hand-crafted from recycled IN BED linen collected as part of our Back IN BED program, the quilts feature a 100% recycled wool inner to ensure they are not only beautiful and sustainable but cosy and useable.