A Playlist for Baking with Vege Mamma

Images by Joe Brennan

While we’re stuck indoors for the moment here in Sydney we’ve been spending a lot more time in the kitchen, or atleast, thinking about spending a lot more time in the kitchen. One endless source of inspiration for us is Valentine Fodor aka Vege Mamma’s never-ending adventures in baked goods. From beautifully textured cakes with buttercream icing to luxe iced VoVo’s there’s always something colourful and delicious being served up in Valentine’s kitchen. With creations of such wild proportions we knew there had to be some music playing in the background to set the vibe so we asked Valentine to whip up her ultimate baking playlist. The resulting mix is a beautifully eclectic recipe that includes everything from Blood Orange to Neil Young and is underscored by a few of our favourite French classics.

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