A Creative Director’s Earthy Home in California

Images by Serafina LoGiacco

This week on the Journal we return to Los Angeles to meet creative director and model Abrielle Stedman at her beautiful home set in the hills northwest of Downtown LA. We spoke to Abrielle about the nostalgic touches that bring her home to life, how living in the space feeds her creativity and why she loves the local area.

“Our place is set in the hills of Eagle Rock, this beautiful example of California Ranch architecture was built in 1953, before the 134 Highway existed. We have lived here since 2019. The warm hues of custom woodwork and the original appliances throughout make this home very special to me.”

Abrielle’s bed is dressed in a full set of IN BED 100% linen in white.

“After traveling to Japan, I became so inspired by the traditional Ryokan style. We designed our bed frame to reflect that sensibility. The bedroom is for resting, so we like to keep it simple.”

“There are so many special pieces in the house… The former owners left behind an old grape vine and custom stained glass. Our dear friend, Robbie Simon’s painting hangs in our living room. A Danaid statue watches over the pool. Paintings by Pedrum are around every corner.”

“Eagle Rock has a dreamy, nostalgic feel. Full of historical homes and mom n’ pop shops, it has that old Los Angeles charm. The Norton Simon Museum is down the street and houses Norton’s private collection of Rodin, Picasso, Matisse and Modigliani, to name a few artists. We have a membership and try to go once a week.”

“Having the opportunity to live in this beautiful home inspires my work as a creative director and model. The house has been a great space for photography. When I’m not working, I love planning trips near and far. But since the pandemic, I’ve found respite in cooking feasts and growing vegetables. Our cherry tomato plant grew as big as a Christmas tree this season. Having the pool has also been a wonderful way to see friends during the pandemic.”

“This year, I’m looking forward to shooting more photos. I’ve also recently set up a pottery studio and I’m working on terracotta pieces. I can’t wait to fill the home with more art!”

Abrielle’s bed is dressed in a full set of IN BED 100% linen in white.