5 recipes for the sweet tooth

This week we dip into our recipe archive, gathering our favourite recipes for sweet treats. These are the morsels which promise to satisfy the most ardent of sweet tooths, from rich chocolate mousse to moreish matcha cookies, and ever-satisfying apple tarte tatin.

Claire Ptak’s Apple Tarte Tatin with Pink Peppercorns

"This is a great tarte for any time of day," says Claire Ptak of Violet Cakes. "It makes a sensational dessert after dinner but it is delicious with tea in the afternoon. Leftovers for breakfast with coffee would be pretty fantastic too." Her tarte tatin recipe is an ode to the humble apple - but be particular when it comes to the hero ingredient. "Look for a good sized apple. Teensy apples don't have enough structure for this recipe. Likewise you shouldn't use a cooking apple as they will turn to sauce when baked and for this, the apples need to keep their shape."

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Rosie Meehan’s Brown Butter, Matcha & Caramelised White Chocolate Chip Cookies

"This is a recipe I made for one of my best friends' baby shower but I accidentally made too much dough. It then became our much loved staff cookie recipe in the kitchen. We will keep a batch in the freezer and bake afternoon cookies with a cup of tea, a well deserved treat for the girls."

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Silvia's Chocolate Mousse with Whiskey-soaked Prunes

"I first met Silvia, a dear family friend, living in Port Moresby as a child - a wonderful woman, and a wonderfully inspiring cook," says food writer and IN BED contributor Harriet Davidson. "A few years ago when I was visiting Silvia in her summer house in Cascais, Portugal, I wrote her recipe for this dessert down. It feels like a time the world could use a bit of sweetness, a bit of comfort, so I bring you the recipe of this easy as anything, a little naughty, dessert.

"With only four ingredients, it’s packed with pleasure and moments of joy as you scoop through its velvety texture and let it melt in your mouth. It’s light and fluffy but beautifully lush. Use the best quality dark chocolate (the 70 per cent Lindt is great) and butter you can forage."

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Sian Redgrave's Hummingbird Cake With Grilled Pineapple & Mascarpone

When asked to share a recipe for the summer season, Sian came back with the her own take on a Hummingbird Cake, the idea for which was born out of a childhood memory. "My mother used to bake cakes for a local organic cafe. I would sit in my stroller, with cakes on my lap whilst mum walked to deliver the them. This cake reminds me of those old fashioned, simple cakes with so much flavour. I have just taken a much loved recipe and given it a bit of an indulgent, summertime-y twist."

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Valentine Fodor's Almond & Ricotta Cake

"My approach to cooking is definitely health focused. I’ve always believed that we feel our best when we eat healthy, nutrient dense food. I create most of my recipes around a plant-based style as I don’t enjoy cooking meat and don't feel the best when I eat it either… so that is how Vege Mamma came to life. My signature Almond & Ricotta Cake with a Whipped Maple Cream is just so delicate, light, moist and delicious. It is a gluten-free, refined sugar-free cake so you feel good when you eat it."

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