At IN BED we create beautiful things from natural, sustainable fabrics. Our design philosophy is centred around a desire to make products that are timeless and long-lasting while exceeding ethical, social and environmental best practice.

We firmly believe in the importance of building relationships with makers that we trust. Our network of certified factories have been thoroughly vetted to ensure exceptionally high levels of traceability throughout the production process and that the people employed to make our products are paid fairly for their work.

We invite you to discover more about how and why we make things, and what's important to us as a small Australian brand.

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We've worked hard to build relationships with a trusted network of factories. Working only with independently certified factories ensures that the standards set for our products and for the people entrusted to make them are consistent, ethical and exceedingly high.

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Across all of our collections we work exclusively with high quality, natural materials that have a high level of traceability. We choose these fabrics as they are not only beautiful to create with but are also more gentle on the environment.

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We’re conscious that each stage of making something has a different impact on the environment, and often traditional packaging can outlive the item it was originally designed to protect. That’s why all IN BED packaging is made with reusable or recyclable materials.

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Circularity mean designing products that last and that can be reused, repaired or remanufactured over time. We are continually improving our practices to ensure the longest life possible for our products, prioritising waste reduction, minimising our environmental footprint and supporting the transition towards a circular economy.

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We believe firmly in the importance and value of being diverse and inclusive in every facet of our business. We have committed to building on a series of initiatives and measures that will ensure we are being actively and consistently inclusive at every level.

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Giving Back

We are a business for those who care about people, the planet, and their impact on both. We believe everyone deserves a good & safe nights sleep and our team work closely with a number of charitable organisations to help make this a reality.

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In Progress

We believe the work is never done. We aim to always be learning, improving and introducing new initiatives to ensure IN BED is the best it can be for our community, team and planet. Here's a few of the projects we currently have in the works.