At IN BED we stand by products and are proud to offer a full 2 year warranty on all IN BED branded items from purchase date.

This does not cover what would be considered user fault (e.g. fabric snagged on sharp corners, fabric bleached by household products or skin products etc.).

As part of our commitment to sustainability you will first (when possible & appropriate) be offered a repair on your item. If repair is not possible or would very negatively affect the look or performance of your product we would then offer a replacement.

Your goods may be returned via the same method as our exchanges & returns for assessment and a repair, replacement or refund will only be given if an item is deemed to be legitimately faulty by IN BED, as the supplier.

Return of faulty goods must adhere to the following:

  1. The product must have been purchased from IN BED directly at FULL PRICE (sale items, warehouse items or products purchased from third parties are not accepted)

  2. The product must have been purchased within 24 months of notifying IN BED of the fault.

  3. You must contact IN BED via email ( with:
    1. A photograph of the item & fault along with a description of the issue/fault.
    2. A form of “proof of purchase”, being either the email confirmation or invoice from IN BED or bank statement.

IN BED will respond within 24 business hours and if eligible for inspection, will send return details as per the process above.

We also offer lifetime spare parts so if you have a tie or button go missing 5, 10 or 20 years after purchase we will happily send you a replacement so you can have this repaired & back in working condition.