Small & Mighty: Five Unique Apartments

These homes have overcome their diminutive size with clever design, ingenious placement of artworks & objects and above all - the personality of their inhabitants - evident in every nook and cranny of the small spaces. Join us as we fall for these apartments, and those who call them home, all over again.

1. Sophie McComas-Williams, Marrickville NSW

Taking residence in the vibrant suburb of Marrickville, Sydney is foodie couple Sophie (co-founder of content studio, Buffet & co-host of podcast, Highly Enthused) & husband Scott Williams (co-owner of Ragazzi pasta & wine bar). Together they fell for their apartment's original 1930s charms; steel-framed windows, picture rails and moulded ceilings. Outside, a shared tropical garden awaits while inside a split level design helps create a feeling of space. The pair have an eclectic collection of art and, unsurprisingly, a pantry stocked full of delicacies.

It’s pretty awesome to have such easy access to funky vinegars, flours, anchovies and things through the restaurant; our pantry always feels full of potential.

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2. David McKendrick, London England

Co-director of design and art direction studio, B.A.M., David McKendrick lives in quite possibly one of the most famous apartment blocks in the world - the Barbican, a beacon of brutalist architecture. Here, he lives by the same mantra as British architecture critic, Ian Nairn: "I'm a real city dweller, my idea of a home is a very small flat, and no possessions much and the whole of the city to use as my drawing room or dining room." The adjoining Barbican Centre itself presents a cultural hub with multiple cinemas, a library, theatre and the second largest conservatory in London.

There are three cinemas in the Barbican. Watching films is my favourite past time and I find it a great way to relax and be inspired.

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3. Ron Goh, Auckland New Zealand

Curator Ron Goh has built his business as a vintage reseller around being a homebody, so it’s little surprise that his Auckland apartment is a treasure trove of collectables. A 100 year old former factory, Ron’s apartment has the bones we can only dream of when apartment hunting; towering windows, high ceilings, exposed brick, beams and oil stained floorboards. A passion for furniture led to the beginning of @mrhomebody, where - fortunately for us - Ron sells the pieces he loves, but doesn’t have space for. 

My mother has always been a collector. I guess that's where I got my collecting habit from.

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4. Benjamin Holtrop, Los Angeles California

Fashion stylist, art director & photographer Benjamin Holtrop has an eye for all things beautiful - and his Miracle Mile apartment is no exception. The nine hundred square foot space holds an array of sculptural furniture pieces, combined with artworks and ceramics from friends. Benjamin’s taste in fashion is similar to the way he dresses his home, a combination of texture & form, old & new.

Since it is an upstairs apartment the living spaces get gorgeous natural light for most of the day and then my bedroom gets moody light which creates a cozy space for naps.

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5. Sarah Jamieson, Bondi NSW 

‘A New York brownstone by the sea’ is how creative director, interior designer and founder of Catseye Bay, Sarah Jamieson describes her building, Berkeley Court - one of Bondi’s first apartment blocks. The location holds an incredible history, as do her surroundings; a jar of business cards from memorable restaurant visits sit alongside ‘the sun’ - a vinyl upholstered cushion from her grandparent's outdoor setting.

Most things are in my home because they have a story - or perhaps they’re in a story that’s being written right now.

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