Natalia & Tim Kindler, Sydney

Images by Christo Herriot from dualism studio

This week we meet creative couple Natalia & Tim Kindler of dualism and dualism studio, along with their family pup Pancho Mimo. We take a socially distanced look inside their beautiful warehouse loft in Surry Hills and chat to them about navigating business and working creatively in the current climate. 

"We live in the Griffiths Teas building - a Sydney landmark built in 1915, revived by PopovBass architects and built by GrowthBuilt, completed in 2018 which is when we moved in. The apartments are beautiful, with considered finishes that respect the heritage of the building."

"We had a custom piece of art created by Saxon Duke for our wedding - all our guests had the opportunity to wish us well and write a note. We also have a Vicki Lee x Ted O’donnell piece and have held back on purchasing further as we are creating our own photographic art series… in the pipeline to come!"

"We chose to live here as our office is across the road at the Paramount House building, and it is a very cool, urban precinct. Our lives are largely focused on building our businesses at the moment, so saving time in work travel is valuable to us, and it affords a very flexible lifestyle. We’re at the Paramount Recreation Club and Paramount Coffee Project every day - it’s a very cool hub of healthy food, great coffee and like-minded businesses which creatively we find very inspiring. We live above Chin Chin and have many great restaurants, cafes, wellness and fitness centres at our doorstep."

Natalia & Tim’s bed featuring Pancho & styled in an IN BED 100% linen flat sheet, fitted sheet, duvet cover and pillowslips in tobacco.

"Right now, because our office is across the road, and no one is there, we’ve mostly been going in to try maintain a normal schedule. As our work really is our focus at the moment, we don’t socialise or go out all that much anyway, so we’re not too affected at this point. We are both craving and appreciating mother nature like never before… therein could be the lesson for us all - to honour and protect the environment we are in."

Natalia: "I was working for luxury global brands in marketing and communications for ten years before realising the synergy between Tim and I in creating cohesive brand solutions through content creation."

Tim: "I had a film and photography production business for ten years as well as more recently focussing on commercial directing - the craft has always been a true passion of mine. We saw the opportunity to challenge the ever evolving production landscape with a common vision to craft beyond an idea, and to deliver artful work with substance and authenticity.”

Linen duvet, sheets, pillowcases and sleepwear by IN BED

Natalia & Tim’s bed is dressed in an IN BED 100% linen flat sheet, fitted sheet, duvet cover and pillowslips in tobacco.Tim wears IN BED 100% linen shirt and short in kohl.

"dualism intersects modern production with a holistic understanding of brand, offering end to end services across film and photography. We’re a hybrid entity with a unique skill set to offer our clients - global brands and their agency counterparts. We offer production in film and photography, post production, as well as creative direction and brand strategy for our direct to brand clients."


"[Our creative process] is based on client and brief. We work with agencies as well as direct to brand. So we are either acting as pure production partners (implementing the strategic and creative ideas from agency counterparts), or conceptualising from beginning to end with a thorough strategic creative process, working direct to brand."

Natalia: "Running our own business challenges me daily. I get very excited to create what feels authentic to me, and the mere fact that I can create. I am not bound by a job description, or dogma."

Tim: "My progression into running my own business came about naturally as something I really enjoyed doing. I was shooting the fashion week tour around the world for a few years as a freelancer and along the way some of the clients I had been working with wanted to start working on a more regular basis together and so it just transpired from there."

I get very excited to create what feels authentic to me, and the mere fact that I can create.
Objects available at the IN BED Flagship store and online for a limited time.

Natalia & Tim’s table features objects from the IN BED Flagship, available to shop online for a limited time.

Natalia: "For the rest of the year I’m looking forward a return to normality (with a higher sense of appreciation for the norm). We also look forward to when the universe gifts us life to create a family of our own. Until then, we’ll be busy building a life that we love and our businesses."

Tim: "Within the current environment it is obviously very difficult to predict what the rest of 2020 will throw our way. Perhaps strangely, being forced to reevaluate the way we think and how to navigate the production landscape has been refreshing.

Outside of business I’m just really looking forward to doing sports and to exercise properly again. That is a big part of life for me, particularly surfing, boxing and jiu jitsu so I’m itching to get back into it. That and being able to go to the pub and order a draught beer with lunch. Those were the days!"